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"Greece should be starring for Culture, this is the heritage, this property is lost if we do nothing" Melina Mercouri

"the power of the people is always stronger than the people in power"

When will Salamis Island get a change to become a real part of the great Greek heritage?

The Aiantis 35 years celebrations, March 4th 2014, can be seen here: Youtube and Aiantis

The Petition:

Save Salamis island from the nasty shipyards!

Most of the largely unknown island of Salamina is wonderful. It has great beaches, nice woods, friendly people and plenty of restaurants and several hotels. Besides it has a lot of new and ancient cultural places. But it has one, relatively small, nasty area; the illegal shipyards opposite of Piraeus.

In 1982 the Salamina law was passed written by the famous artist and minister Melina Mercouri in which it was agreed that the shipyards on Salamina had to be moved to a different location. Since then almost 30 years passed. Instead of moving the shipyards they have been enlarged constantly under the guidance and knowledge of a.o. OLP and the different responsible ministries. Besides the responsible people also do know of the constant pollution caused by these shipyards.

A number of Salaminians have gone to the high court now again to have the law finally fully enforced.

"Greece should be starring for Culture, this is the heritage, this property is lost if we do nothing" Melina Mercouri

"the power of the people is always stronger than the people in power"
Wael Ghonim

But we will also need your help and we therefore kindly ask you to sign our petition or to leave a message on this website so we can publicly acknowledge our concerns.
The full petition can be downloaded here.

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Our petition in a few words:

-- The 1984 Salamina law to be carried out immidiately (download the law here).

-- The Straight of Salamis, including the ancient harbor and City and the peninsula of Cynosura, to be placed under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Salamis.

-- All ship repair and ship demolition facilities to be moved to nearby Skaramanga. 

-- The Greek Ministry of Culture to launch the proper archaeological research on land and sea.

-- The ancient harbour and City, the tombs of the heroes, including the trophy, and the famous Straight of Salamis to be declared UNESCO-protected historical sites.

These used to be ferries, will you bring us afloat?

Can you help to carry our heritage?

This used to be a tugboat, can you tug us?

Do you have the balls to help us?

You will find Salamina Island close to Athens accross from Piraeus.

Only this part of the island is no fun.

The colored area's are protected areas, these include the illegal shipyards.

And here you see the official zoning plans.

And some of our first local supporters are:

Which Greek or European politicians dare to leave their name here?

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What more can you do to help us:

Visit the wonderful island of Salamis, Greece.

Write to:

the Preme Minister's office:

Ministry of Culture:
Address: 20-22 Bouboulinas Str, Athens

Ministry for the Enviroment, Physical Planning and Public Works
Address: 17 Amaliados Str, Athens

Ministry of Press and Mass Media
Address: 10 Zalokosta Str, Athens

Write to OLP: 
Their quote:To respect the environment and reduce the impact of port activities are our key priorities.

Do you believe this?

OLP Administration
Piraeus Port Authority
President : Mr. Giorgos Anomeritis

Akti  Miaouli 10 18538 Piraeus  Greece


Write or phone to your local newspaper or to your favorite TV-station